After the events of Sub Zero, Francis D'Anjou married Nora and they moved out of Gotham. Francis and Nora were one of the scientists kidnapped from Wayne Enterprises by Grant Walker when he went crazy from his transformation. Fortunately, they were saved by Night Wing, Robin, and Batgirl with surprising help from Mr. Freeze. Later, Francis framed Mr. Freeze by building a robotic replica of him and using it to kill Ferris Boyle, Grant Walker, and to almost kill himself just to make Nora not believe in him. Fortunately, Night Wing exposed him and Nora went looking for Mr. Freeze after finding the love letters Francis hid from her. However, Francis conspired with Powers Technology CEO Warren Powers (father to the Batman Beyond villain Derek Powers) to take Mr. Freeze's head since Powers believed that was where the secrets of immortality were locked inside.