Dr. Fetus is the main antagonist from the video game Super Meat Boy. Due to his hate of Meat Boy, he kidnaps Meat Boy's girlfriend; Bandage Girl and continuously taunts Meat Boy by taking her to the next level when Meat Boy finds her at the end of each level.


Over the course of the game, Dr. Fetus burns down a forest, nukes a city, destroys a hospital, floods a factory with salt, sends Meat Boy to Hell, begins the Rapture, and destroys a part of the world.

Once Meat Boy defeats Dr. Fetus, he blows up his own fortress, forcing Meat Boy to carry Bandage Girl out of the building. Once the two are out, they make up and kiss. In the light world ending, Dr. Fetus is still alive and begins to punch Bandage Girl. In the Dark World ending however, Dr. Fetus is stepped on by Bandage Girl. Also, the true ending shows a fetus that looks exceptionally like Dr. Fetus, which leads to the possibility that Dr. Fetus raped Bandage Girl while she was in captivity. 

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