Dr. Evil is the villain from the NES game Ultimate Stuntman. A rogue mad scientist, Dr. Evil kidnapped the famous young scientist Jenny Aykroyd and ran away with her to his hidden base. The Ultimate Stuntman is then contacted and starts a chase to find Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil, pursued by Stuntman, leaves his androids to take care of him, then creates a force field around each of his bases, scattering the keys to deactivate the fields. He also left his most powerful androids, Techno Beast, Mega Slug and Sand Yeti to protect the bases, as well as setting bombs in the bases, in case Stuntman managed to defeat his androids. Stuntman, the guy who is always prepared for everything, trespasses the fields of the bases, defeats all the androids and disarms the bombs by disoldering the chips that powered them. With no choice, Dr. Evil fights Stuntman in his car-tank, but is defeated. The tank explodes, and Stuntman rescues the scientist.