Dr. dred

Dr. Dred was the main antagonist featured in the Hanna-Barbera animated television series Drak Pack. Voiced by Hans Conried, he appeared in all sixteen episodes of the series. Dr. Dred was the leader of an evil crime cartel known as the Organization of Generally Rotten Endeavors, or O.G.R.E. for short. Dred's underlings in O.G.R.E. included the seductive Vampira, the scyophant Toad and the irritable Mummy Man as well as the insectoid Fly. Combatting O.G.R.E.'s efforts were the team of Drak, Frankie and Howler, who made up the Drak Pack.


Dred's schemes
Notes & Trivia

◾ For some reason, Doctor Dred had blue skin, but was otherwise completely human.