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Dr. Douglas Grey

Dr. Douglas "Doug" Grey

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It's good to be God. I love you.
~ Dr Douglas Grey's last words to his wife Dr. Miranda Grey via a video camcorder.

Dr. Douglas "Doug" Grey is an intelligent warden of the Woodward Penitentiary for Women and husband of fellow psychiatrist Dr. Miranda Grey. He is one of the 2 hidden main antagonists of the 2003 supernatural thriller film Gothika.

He was portrayed by Charles S. Dutton.


Dr Grey and his friend Sheriff Bob Ryan were actually serial killers who kidnapped and raped women and killed them including Rachel who is the daughter of Phil Parsons and their recordings of killings which left his wife Miranda got shocked and angry who escaped from Asylum and she realized that her friend Chloe Sava was raped by her husband. Later he was killed by Rachel who possessed his wife


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