Hello, my little dragon-fanged friend. I've been waiting for you.
~ Diente targeting Haley for her Dragon Tooth.

Dr. Diente is the main antagonist of the American Dragon: Jake Long episode "The Legend of Dragon Tooth".

He is voiced by John C. McGinley.


Diente was a human dentist who served as the assistant to the Tooth Fairy. However, upon hearing that Haley Long (a girl who can turn into a dragon) was about to lose her first tooth, he turned against his boss and took possession of her wand and her Tooth Minions. He planned to steal Haley's tooth as dragon teeth have mystical powers. 

However, upon reaching the Long house, Diente discovered that it had a magical forcefield, preventing him and his Tooth Minions from going inside. So Diente waits outside to make his move.

Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy arrives at Grandpa Lao Shi and Fu Dog's door and explains Diente's plan and Fu and Grandpa realize that Haley's in danger.

When Jake and his friends take Haley to the concert, Dr. Diente makes his move and kidnaps Haley. Jake, Grandpa and the Tooth Fairy arrive to the rescue and in the ensuing battle, Haley's tooth flies out and lands in Diente's hand. Diente takes it and wraps his hand around it and places his hand into a pot of soil, causing the tooth's powers to activate and turn Diente into a giant white-furred monster.

Diente then goes on a rampage in New York and starts to steal the money the Tooth Fairy gave to children. Luckily, Jake was able to stop Diente with his dragon powers by taking a billboard-sized TV and smashing it on top of him, electrocuting and destroying him for good and leaving only his shattered glasses on the street.



  • Dr. Diente is similar to Carlos
    • Both stared out as the assistant to a mythical being (Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny).
    • Both eventually turn against their bosses and try to overthrow them.
    • Both are transformed by an object (Diente used Haley's tooth to turn into a monster whilst Carlos became a chick-rabbit hybrid after taking possession of The Egg of Destiny).
    • Both battle the hero (Jake Long and E.B.) and are eventually defeated (Jake smashed a giant TV on top of Diente whilst E.B., in order to stop Carlos leaving in the Egg Sleigh, used drums to make Carlos's sidekick Phil give the wrong takeoff signals). However, unlike Diente, Carlos doesn't die.