Dr. Destroyer is one of the most powerful arch-villains in the free-for-play MMORPG known as Champions Online and is the archenemy of Defender, who is the leader of the titular Champions and one of the planet's most popular and prominent superheroes.

Dr. Destroyer is a figure that is deeply feared in his setting and will stop at nothing to rule the world; having amassed unthinkable power, he deploys his legions (known as Destroids) to destroy anything that gets in his path.

Dr. Destroyer is infamous for destroying the city of Detroit (killing thousands in the process)- which was rebuilt as Milennium City after his defeat; however, many fear the "Great Destroyer" will return with an even more destructive plan in the future.

Dr. Destroyer should not be confused with Shadow Destroyer- who is an alternate reality version of the tyrant and the main antagonist of the Adventure Pack "Resistance".

During the events of the raid known as Dr. Destroyer's Robot Factory, it is finally revealed that Destroyer is indeed still alive (though it has been heavily hinted from the beginning of the game)- though some think it could be a new villain pretending to be the infamous tyrant.. only time will tell which is the case.

Dr. Destroyer and Shadow Destroyer do not get along well with one another, as both men as arrogant and sociopathic- traits which makes them more likely to fight each other than ally; however, it is uncertain if even the combined might of the Champions could prevail if the two villains actually put their differences aside and formed an alliance.

Dr. Destroyer first appeared in the Champions role playing adventure book The Island of Dr. Destroyer. Other adventures feachering him include The Day of the Destroyer and The Book of the Destroyer.

Heroic Publishing used the character once in the Marksman Annual number 1. After the conflict between Hero Games and Heroic Publishing, the name was changed to the more generic Dr. Death.