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Dr. Crabblesnitch is head of the Bullworth School Academy, the tertiary antagonist in the video game Bully and the nemesis of Jimmy Hopkind until the end of the game. His catch phrase is "Clean Nose!" even though his nose is still full of boogers.

Dr. Crabblesnitch, like many of the staff in the school, is depicted as a corrupt man, ignoring the epidemic bullying and wrongdoing of the students under his "care", he doesn't even seem to have that much care about the idea of corrupt staff members: despite this he is quick to try and punish Jimmy for any and all "wrongdoings" the new student may do.

However due to certain events later in the game he and Jimmy do eventually call a truce and he is called into action - finally doing something about the state of the school, though he still shows how corrupt he is during this scene.

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