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Dr. Corvis Copernicus is the main antagonist of the animated science fiction series, Packages from Planet X.


Dr. Corvis Copernicus is an evil alien from Planet X. He constanlty palns to cocoon everone in Iron Bay, and is constanly thwarted by Dan Zembrosky and his friends. He was the intended reciever of the packages, but Dan gets them instead. He's mean to Calimary sometimes, and is really an overally jerk. He has proven to be an evil mastermind and a cunning foe. He also cackles a lot.


Normally, Copernicus looks like a sort of normal old man. I say sort of because he has unusually long arms and legs and a weirdly shaped bald head. He has gray, bushy eyebrows as well. He wears glasses, a green vest over a white shirt, overly high gray pants, and brown shoes. Sometimes, when his alien side shows, his skin turns a reptilian green, his nails extends into claws, his eyes turn red, and he grows sharp teeth and a blue, lizardlike tounge. Yikes!

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