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He is one of Stacy Lovell's many ex-husbands.[1] He later attended Homer's marriage class.[2] Colossus was arrested and locked up at the Springfield Police Station; he chastised Mr. Burns' blocking of the sun as amateur compared his own super villainous deeds. Colossus attempted to flee the cell using his extending Colosso Boots, only to just hit the ceiling and plead "When is my lawyer coming?" He is later mistakenly released by Chief Wiggum (Sideshow Mel arrives to explain that Waylon Smithers is innocent and should be released, but Wiggum releases Colossus before Mel can finish). Wiggum tells him to "stay away from Death Mountain", to which Colossus sulkily replies "but all my stuff is there."[3]

His appearance in Who Shot Mr. Burns? was cut from syndication.

He was in the crowd of people who came to 742 Evergreen Terrace to tell Lisa about solutions to getting gum out of her hair.[4]

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