Dr. Cheryl Ormand is the main villainess from "Living on the Streets Can Be Murder," episode 3.10 of Diagnosis Murder.

She was played by Denise Miller.


Dr. Cheryl Ormand is a disgraced former medical doctor who lost her license in a malpractice suit. She later began collaborating with her brother to from the Ormand Clinic, where she served as the assistant to Howard Mitchell. Working under her married last name, Dante, Cheryl enlisted Tom Winston to help her send organs to her brother's office in the Caribbean, doing so by abducting homeless people and carving them out.

Mark Sloan, who posed as a homeless man to investigate, was abducted by Winston, and it was in the People's Clinic that Cheryl emerged and was revealed as the villainess. After the reveal, the evil Cheryl injected Winston with four CCs of hydrochloride, and then began to work on Mark, who she recognized from the first time they encountered each other. Cheryl boldly defended her cruel actions, stating that she provides a service to people with money, but right when she was set to inject Mark with hydrochloride, Steve and Jesse arrived and arrested Cheryl.