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Dr. Carla Meyer

Dr. Carla Meyer is a one-shot villainess from Diagnosis Murder. She appeared in Season Seven's "The Killer Within."

She was played by Lauren Dahl.

Dr. Carla Meyer is the head MD of a rehab facility, but in secret, she was having an illicit relationship with Tommy Santini, one of her patients. After hearing from Kiki, another patient, that she saw Tommy engage romantically with Lisa, Carla killed Tommy—most likely in a jealous rage. Later in the episode, Carla meets with Kiki in her room, where Kiki stated that she saw Carla and Tommy together. During the conversation, Kiki begins feeling woozy and fades away, with Carla revealing that she switched Kiki's medication, killing her to keep her secret hidden.

In the episode's climax, Carla is approached by another one of her patients about a hairbrush with Tommy's hair follicles on it, and later on, the scheming villainess acquired the object and planned to place the hairs on Lisa's bed. She was later caught by Mark Sloan, revealing that this was a trap to catch her, and Carla was arrested for murdering Kiki and Tommy.

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