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Dr calico

Full Name
The Green Eyed Man
Bolt TV show
No information
Powers / Skills
No information
Keeping cats as pets
To separate Penny from Bolt and conquer the city (all failed)
Type of Villain
Mad Scientist

Dr. Calico is the secondary main antagonist featured in the fictional TV show Bolt from the 2008 Disney film of the same name and also serves as the final boss of the official videogame, which is based from the movie within the movie. While he was promoted as the main antagonist of the movie in general, this was a misinformation campaign to hide the film's true main villain.

He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell, who also played Alex.

He's a charismatic evil genius with a mutated green eye. It is unknown how he got a green eye. He might have been born with it, or it might have been the result of some accidental mutation. It unknown whether or not Dr. Calico had any powers, though it is unlikely.

Calico is the head of a high tech crime syndicate. The name of this syndicate is not mentioned though, according to what the protagonist dog Bolt said, they might have been the legendary Men in Black. The goal of this syndicate is to achieve world domination. The standard members of this organization are armed with electric gloves, laser guns and protective motorcycle helmets (which, while they can protect from common firearms, are susceptible to the electric gloves the standard goons use). The elite fighters of this organization are called agents, who are armed with consealable high tech weapons, and considerably more training than standard henchmen.

Despite his resources, the doctor requires the help of a greater intelligence to achieve his goals. He targeted the father of Bolt's owner, Penny, and kidnapped him. Though he could not defeat the will of the doctor, who seemed impervious to his means of persuasion. From the way these two talked to each other, it is likely that they were friends at one point.

In order to gain the cooperation of the scientist, Dr. Calico tried to capture Penny. But his every attempt to do so was thwarted by Bolt, whom Penny's father had given super powers to protect her. The scientist's amazing knack for genetic mutation might have had something to do with Dr. Calico's plans for world domination, which might have been why he was interested in him.

Dr. Calico does not seem at all intimidated by Bolt's powers, nor (stranger still) do his henchmen. Although, judging by the countless pawns he hurls against Bolt, Dr. Calico might have armies to spare. His organization might not be just a syndacite, but an entire revolutionary community.

Like many other monarchs of evil, Dr. Calico has a love for cats.

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