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Dr. Blight is a recurring villain in the animated TV series Captain Planet. This super-scientist believes in better living through biochemistry and has experimented on herself in her efforts to produce the perfect human. Deviously demented, she misuses her scientific genius by inventing new methods to sap the environment of its health and vitality in order to supplement her own.

Dr. Blight began her career researching biological and chemical warfare and, thus, has a host of deadly weapons at her disposal. She represents the dark side of science, using her vast knowledge to create biological monstrosities, wipe out entire populations of plants and animals, and generally wreak havoc on Earth. She even used a time machine in order to sell an atomic bomb to Adolf Hitler himself, which was considered her most evil act by the Planeteers.

Her super computer, MAL, is programmed for pure evil. MAL's high level of artificial intelligence is often devoted solely to calculating new and diabolical ways to destroy Captain Planet and the Planeteers, leaving Dr. Blight to pursue more creative research.

Dr. Blight sees herself a fashion plate, often appearing in a chic long-sleeve jump suit and high-cut boots. She wears a utility belt to which various items may be attached. Her hairstyle help hide the huge scar on the left side of her face. The scar's origin has never been explained, but it was likely caused by one of her experiments.

As an Eco-Villain, her character symbolizes the dangers of uncontrolled technology and scientific experimentation.

In the two-part Captain Planet episode, Mission to Save Earth, Doctor Blight was one of the five Eco Villains who created Captain Pollution. They did this by creating and using five Anti-Elemental Rings consisting of Super Radiation, Deforestation, Smog, Toxins, and Hate. Barbara's element was Hate. Unfortunately for the Eco Villains, though, Captain Pollution was destroyed along with the rings, leading Blight and the other villains to flee.


Blight's rarely seen scar.

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