Dr. Benard Merrick

Dr. Bernard Merrick aka Dr. Merrick

You could have taken over his life, but you chose to come back! You truly are unique, Six Echo!
~ Dr. Merrick to Lincoln Six Echo

Dr. Bernard Merrick, simply known as Dr. Merrick, is the main antagonist in the 2005 sci-fi thriller film The Island.

He is portrayed by Sean Bean, who also portrays Sean Miller, Alec Trevelyan, Patrick Koster, Ian Howe and John Ryder.


Dr. Merrick is the founder and creator of Merrick Biotech, a powerful mega-corporation that secretly breeds clones of famous celebrities. When a celebrity is in need of a particular organ, Merrick takes that organ from their clone and sells it to them. The clones live within the compound with no knowledge of sex or the outside world, as Merrick makes them believe the world was contaminated long ago and they are the sole survivors. Merrick also initiates a lottery system which helps him keep the clones under control and avoid any suspicion. When he needs a particular clone, he makes them believe they have won the lottery and are going to travel to the Island, a supposed paradise outside the compound unaffected by the worldwide contamination. In reality, these clones are killed and their desired organs are donated.

When two of the clones, Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Delta, become suspicious of Merrick and escape Merrick Biotech, Merrick sends his men to find them. Lincoln meets up with his real life counterpart, Tom Lincoln, while Merrick plans to eliminate the rest of the clones to prevent them from discovering the truth. He nearly succeeds, but Lincoln and Jordan return to the compound and manage to free the clones.

Lincoln is discovered by Merrick and the pair of them fight. As the compound is gradually destroyed, Lincoln wraps a cord around Merrick's neck and the pair of them are knocked over a ledge. Lincoln manages to prevent himself from falling, while Merrick is slowly hanged.