Eureka, Carmen! I've perfected a way to mash potatoes... INSIDE THEIR SKIN!
~ Dr. Belljar

Dr. Belljar is an antagonist in the TV game show Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego. He is a mad scientist and also a cyborg that vows to change history by stealing important inventions in a way he'll be the greatest scientist of all history.

He was portrayed by Owen Taylor in the 1st season, and Jamie Gustis in the 2nd season.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Belljar 1

Belljar in the 1st season.

Belljar is a cyborg in every definiton of the word. In the 1st season, he wears big glasses and a near-yellow lab coat full of circuits. Also, every time he speaks, he would do it in a fast pace and sometimes tilt like a scratched CD. In the 2nd season, his hair is half-shaved because of new circuits coming out of his head in the right side, and his clothing now has a blue tone. His left eye has been replaced by a mechanical eye and he now speaks with a modulated voice, still having some tilts like before, although his voice now seems to randomly speed up and slow down, increasing and decreasing in pitch without control. He always moves in a robot-like motion, even when escaping or teleporting.

Personality Edit

Belljar is very arrogant and egocentric, but also goofy and somewhat strange (as once he stated he dicovered a way to mash potatoes inside their skin). He also has a giant taste for science and electronic engineering. Because of that, Carmen usually calls him to steal important inventions in history.

Role in the show Edit

As every villain, Belljar is called by Carmen to steal an important invention. Then, he would attack the Chronoskimmer and later call it to offer a hint to the time pilots. He would finally be captured in the Trail of Time when the remaining pilot passed through 3 portals.

Powers and behavior Edit

When attacking the Chronoskimmer in the 1st season, the doctor would zap it with lightning coming out of his fingertips. In the 2nd season he would sabotage it through an open hatch and weld some wires together, messing the engine system. His teleportation was shown as the doctor disappearing in many cube-like parts, and in Season 2, he would vanish into what seemed to be television static.

Quotes Edit

Catch me if you c-c-c-can, Time Pilots!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer in Season 1.
You'll never catch the br-br-brilliant Belljar!
~ Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 1.
The doctor is IN, Time Pilots!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer hatch in Season 2.
Sorry, my PIN number didn't work!
~ Attacking the Chronoskimmer door in Season 2.
You still got one appointment left with the DOCTOR!
~ Escaping into the Trail of Time in Season 2.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a play on "bell jar", a recipient used on laboratories for storing inventions and other creations for classroom demonstrations.
  • In Season 2, Belljar tells Carmen, upon being contacted, that his processors indicated that the year following 1999 would be the year zero (0). This is a reference to the so-called Millennium bug, a computer error that resetted all computer dates to 1900, since the system of the era was unable to register days after the new year.
    • Belljar could also be referencing Nostradamus's theory of the apocalypse happening at the end of 1999.