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Dr. Barnes is the main antagonist and the head the testing program in the The Testing Trilogy by Joelle Charbonneau; he was killed at the book finale


in a dystonia  world, a nation called the united common wealth form colonies. To ensure that the mistake of the past were not to be repeated, the program called the testing was erected so that  only strong individual and leaders can lead the country into achievement after, in decades that however, the testing, led by Dr.Barnes became too powerful and since it can use excitation at a mean to any one how is deemed too intelligent or too strong, along with the test and it dark method being shrouded in mysteries to almost all of the common wealth, no was able to challenge the testing even the president, til the protagonist Malencia Vale, had passed the testing with a way to keep her memory of it events, and secretly oppose him the testing and what he stand for  


the doctor is a calm and yet calculating type of man. as required by the common wealth, he is very intelligent and crafty. he is able to make people not familiar with him to easily trusted him, to fake feeling and to seem like he a shoulder to cry on, yet this in itself is a test to eliminate those who can't handle the stress. when the "Rosa" room mate commit suicide and the protagonist start to blame herself, not only did he acted in this matter, he also reveal that he is rather used to peoples dieting by stating that he this happen each testing usually by three candidate, and state that this it a tragic lost, but it one way to serve show that they weren't strong enough to be leaders to advance the country, which secretly he had full knowledge of the room mate actions before she done it, meaning he had the ability to stop it, but let happen. he fools many of the candidates that asking for help is harmless, like if you are injure by the tests or you have to get space and a shoulder to cry on if one of your friend dies, only for every one of them to be never heard of again. he is prove to be even too powerful for the president alone to take down and very crafting that he can use enemies fighting him to his own advantages


in the beginning of the common wealth, when they need a working system, they appointed his father as the testing head, not much is know about him, after he passed away, his son Dr.Barnes succeeded him as head, and as decades had passed, he eventually gain more and more influence over the many high ranking individuals in the commonwealth as he have control over the testing leaving him, with unregulated power, and thus can pick whomever he wish and that people would wish to obtain his favor