The devil doesn't reside in hell, Mr. Walker. He lives right here in the frontal gyrus; the occipital lobes. Inside those beautiful brains lies the secret of understanding the darkness of the human psyche, and ten of them put together are not as dark as what resides right here in this cute, blond melon.
~ Dr. Arden while experimenting on Kit Walker.

Dr. Arthur Arden (real name Hans Gruper) is the physician and Administrator at Briarcliff Manor.

He is a main character and the secondary antagonist in American Horror Story: Asylum portrayed by James Cromwell. A confirmed Nazi war criminal, he was responsible for the altered humans running rampant in the surrounding forest.


Before he was a Nazi, he was originally a snuff filmer, notoriously known for being behind Elsa Mars losing her legs in a snuff film.

A small box on his bedroom dresser contained Nazi memorabilia and a series of amateur photos depicting women bound, beaten and perhaps dead, giving hint to his early life as a snuff filmer. While he was originally the supervising physician at Briarcliff when it was a tuberculosis ward; Monsignor Timothy Howard allowed him to stay on under the belief that his research could aid humanity.  He regularly performed tortuous experiments on the patients of Briarcliff Manor and did not believe in using an anesthetic. Arden's lab was sealed off from the rest of the asylum's staff, affording him the privacy to pursue his twisted experiments

Personality and Appearance

Dr. Arden was a man of science with little regard for the archaic, religious practices of his employers. However, he was not without a twisted moral code, as he expressed great disdain for vulgar, loose women. He loved fine wine and Chopin. He had also made anti-Semitic comments on numerous occasions.

He was an older man, standing tall at 6′7″, with a shaved scalp and Van Dyke beard. Arden suffered from microphallus.