"Could it be this all you've got...? However, I, Dozah, won't be defeated so easily!"~Dozah's battle quote in Chapter 3


Dozah's sprite

Dozah (Dozer, Tozeh, and Dozeh in some of the fan translations) is one of the main antagoinst of Fire Emblem: Gaiden and a third-tier Baron enemy boss in Alm's route. He is fought in Chapter 3: Liberation War in Alm's route in Dozah's fortress and he putted the false Dozah in Chapter 1: To Zofia!.

He is the treacherous knight in Zofia and he was killing off any of the children of the royal family in Zofia and Mycen tried to stop Dozah for murdering and he framed Mycen for making crimes and had Mycen banished and Mycen managed to save Celica (who is the real Princess Anteze) from Dozah and took her to safety.

Sixteen years later, Dozah began rebellion, then he conquered the Zofian castle and killed the king. Then the resistance now lead by Clive was formed in order to oppose Dozah and Clive sent Ruka to inform to Mycen to join and Alm took Mycen's place to help the Zofian Liberation Army and battle Dozah's army in Zofian Castle and the Dozah in Chapter 1 turned out to be a imposter if he been defeated and he also retreat if Slayder is killed instead and the Liberation army retook the Zofian Castle and his men retreated back his fortress in Northern Zofia. Later, he managed to capture one of the Zofian Knight, Matilda and he demanded that she will be executed with the archers to shoot her. Then, he had requested aid with the Rigelian army to order to battle with the Zofian Liberation Army. Then, Alm's army had arrived to attack his fortress and he was later killed.