Desaix's sprite

It seems I vastly misestimated you. I'll grant you that. But today you vermin will die at my hands!
~ Desaix

Desaix (Dozer, Tozeh, Dozah, and Dozeh in some of the fan translations) is one of the main antagoinsts of Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. He is a third-tier Baron enemy boss in Alm's route. He is fought in Chapter 3: War of Deliverance on Alm's route in his fortress and he placed a double in Chapter 1: Zofia's Call.

He is a treacherous chancellor of Zofia and was responsible for the murders of the children of the royal family. Mycen tried to stop him, but was framed and banished. Mycen managed to save Celica (who is the real Princess Anthiese) from Desaix and took her to safety, however.

Sixteen years later, Desaix began rebellion, conquering the Zofian castle and killing the king, Lima IV. The Deliverance, led by Clive, was formed in order to oppose him. Clive sent Lukas to convince to Mycen to join and Alm took Mycen's place to help the Deliverance and battle Desaix's army in Zofia Castle. The Desaix in Chapter 1 turned out to be a imposter if he been defeated and he will also retreat if Slayde is defeated instead. The Deliverance retook Zofia Castle and his men retreated to his fortress in Northern Zofia. Later, he managed to capture one of the Zofian knights Mathilda, who was also Clive's lover. He threatened to execute her using archers. Then, he requested the aid of the Rigelian army to battle the Deliverance. Then, Alm's army arrived to attack his fortress and he was later killed.