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Doughboy was the protagonist villain and main friend of our protagonist good guy in Boyz n the hood.

Born on March 14, 1974

He was played by rapper Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson is his real name).

Doughboy is a tragic villain, as he grew up with an unloving single mother, who treats his bro Ricky much better than she does him. He's had a life of crime, but after he gets out of prison in 1991 (the movie begins in 1984), he gets worse. He's turned into a murderer. But he's a smart guy and has a soft good heart, underneith all that violence and thuggery. He can be quite arrogant though, as in that smartness he talks about how "if God was a bitch," and so on and so forth. His main villainary comes in his dealings with Ferris, the neighborhood opponent, and this villainary gets ugly, when he shoots Ricky, causing him to kill Ferris in revenge. Despite all of this, Doughboy is a warm guy at heart and looks out for Tre.

Doughboy dies 2 months later. All he needed was loving parents. His mother was a real villainess.

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