Doug mckenna

Doug (center) and his friends Jeff and Mark.

Doug McKenna was a minor antagonist who appeared in the pilot miniseries of Bucky O'Hare.


Doug the school bully who often picked on Willy DuWitt. He is a bit bigger than Willy, and very fierce and never goes anywhere without his two sidekicks Jeff and Mark. He singled Willy out for tormenting because his excellent grades in math and science caused the learning curve to change and make it difficult for him to keep up.

Doug vandalized his locker and threatened to beat Willy up unless he failed his classes. Later, he, Jeff and Mark chased Willy on their skateboards and knocked him down. Ultimately Willy came up with a nonviolent and mutually beneficial solution to his rivalry with Doug, helping him build a computerized skateboard for the school science fair. Doug takes all the credit for it however, but Willy doesn't seem to mind.