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Doug MacFarland

Doug MacFarland is the main antagonist of the Regular Show episode, "World's Best Boss". He's a pretentious person, but a caring boss who guards the World's Best Boss mug.

He was voiced by Andrew Kishino, who also voices Janja.


He was first seen after punching Pops and explaining to Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, and Thomas that Benson doesn't deserve the "World's Best Boss" mug. Doug then sends his employees to attack the group and seem to gain the upper hand until Benson arrives. After hearing how the others think how great he is, Benson helps out the rest defeat the rest of MacFarland's employees. MacFarland askes what kind of boss Benson is and Benson replies "The World's Best Boss" and punches MacFarland back into his truck and crashes into another truck killing him.