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You're not smiling!
~ Dottie

Dottie is a member of the Jokerz gang and a villainess in Batman Beyond.


Little is known about Dottie is that she wore a polka-dot dress and wielded a rubber chicken as a weapon—though she had put iron pins in it.

Dottie was usually part of J-Man's gang. She never stops having fun pulling dangerous pranks and attacking people.



  • "Dottie" was never referred to by name in Batman Beyond. However, in Scott Beatty's Batman Beyond: The Animated Series Guide, she is given the name "Dottie".
  • Dottie was voiced uncredited by Lauren Tom in "Rebirth", by Pauley Perrette in "Golem", and by Cree Summer in "Curse of the Kobra".
  • Dottie also appeared in the Batman Beyond comic book series.

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