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Dosu Kinuta
Lord Orochimaru, or rather Orochimaru, now do you see? I'm more than a mere puppet.
~ Dosu Kinuta

Dosu Kinuta is a minor villain in Naruto and a skilled genin from the Hidden Sound Village. He, along with Zaku Abumi and Kin Tsuchi were allegedly hired by Orochimaru to kill Sasuke Uchiha during the Chunin Exams, but he soon realized that he was just being used to test Sasuke's abilities. Soon after, Kabuto Yakushi uses him in the same manner to test Gaara's powers, but he is killed in the battle.

Powers & Abilities

Melody Arm - a gauntlet with holes drilled into it that amplifies sound, attacking the inner ear and causing debilitating effects. He easily defeats opponents such as Rock Lee and Choji with it.

Listening - he cheats during the written part of the Chunin Exam by listening to the patterns of the pencil strokes.

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