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Genju Capricorn-Fist Dorou is a Genjuken warrior who serves Long.

Character History

Long's Genshi, a master of the Genju Capricorn-Fist style which revolves on Chinese alchemy and twist attacks that alter energy currents. Because of the long times he spends in his cave, Dorou is unable to correctly interact with others (with the exception of Sojo) and has developed a rather eccentric personality, frequently using 2chan expressions and words. He managed to create Dorou Grains for Sojo to use to transfer people into his gourds for the Scream Program, making their victims scream to increase Mythical Ki. He was killed by the GekiBeasts.


to be added

Modus and Arsenal

Capricorn Gengi

  • Instant Write-Call: Used to make caculations
  • Training Horse Spin: Disarming attack
  • Training Horse Spin: Pain
  • Full-Body Training Horse Spin: Combo used with Sojo

See also

  • Rammer - Power Rangers counterpart in Jungle Fury.

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