Doris the Witch

Doris the Witch is a villain and antagonist in Overlord: Dark Legend. She is a witch who has a candy factory that makes kids lose their teeth and gives it to the Tooth Fairy in exchange for gold. She also helps the Dwarves in their effort of war and control over Greenvale by giving them gold and locks the Blue Minions in cages and using them for making treats taste good.

Lord Gromgard arrives and frees the Blue Minions. He confronted Doris and they fight. In the end, Gromgard puts an end to Doris' operations and breaks her broom. After this, Doris decides to go and turn princes into frogs and promises not to bother Lord Gromgard again. It was shown in the end of the game that Doris marries Lord Gromgard's father and becomes Gromgard's mother.


  • She is the only Overlord villain to turn good and have a happy ending.