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You may think that once dead people are dead that that is the end of them. Not so. They leave memories, which are very much like dead people living inside of you.
~ Dorine Douglas

Dorine Douglas was a magazine editor turned serial killer. She is the main antagonist of the 1997 comedy-horror movie Office Killer.

She is portrayed by Carol Kane.

Due to budget cuts, she is forced to work from home. One night she is called to help fix the computer of a co-worker, Gary Michaels, who is electrocuted while trying to fix the wires. Dorine dials 911, but hangs up when the call is answered because she remembered he was a jerk to her. She places the corpse on a cart, rolls it down to her car, loads it in her trunk, and takes it home, placing it in her basement. Then, seemingly without reason, she goes into a murder spree. She begins her spree by murdering another office worker by putting butane in her inhaler, but later murders two young Girl Scouts who arrive at her door to sell cookies. The young girls join the other corpses in the basement, and Dorine is seen eating the cookies while working on her new laptop. Dorine sends messages from Gary to the remaining office workers, implying he is alive. There is a flashback implying she may have caused the car accident that killed her dad. There are three more murders before the movie ends, all artistically executed. The last murder is the office manager (played by a young Jeanne Tripplehorn), who awakens in the basement, surrounded by dismembered bodies, after being knocked out by Dorine on a lunch date. She is then seen dispatching the office manager's boyfriend, who had come searching for her (a young Michael Imperioli) with a kitchen knife. She makes it seem as though Norah, who had been embezzling money from their company had killed everyone for discovering what she was up to. Dorine murders Norah after taunting her for making her and other employees work from home by stealing the money, causing the budget cuts, which ultimately made her insane. The last scene shows Dorine, after the mysterious death of her mother, setting fire to her basement, then, sporting a blond wig and makeup and with the Norah's head in a bag on the seat beside her, driving away in her car, and circling a newspaper ad with her pencil for an office job.

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