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I am what *you* made me! I lived the life that you preached... but never dared practice. I am everything, that you were too afraid to be.
~ Dorian to Lord Henry Wotton
Dorian Gray is the titular protagonist villain of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde as well as its 2009 film adaptation.

He was portrayed by Ben Barnes in the film who would later portray Jigsaw in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Dorian Gray's Portrait (Corrupt)

Dorian's Portrait by the end of the novel

He is a young heir who had his ego inflated by making friends with the corrupt and manipulative Lord Henry Wotton and the good hearted Basil Hallward of whom painted his portrait for him. After having this portrait painted Dorian's ego was vastly inflated and he became very narcissistic which prompted Dorian to wish to become immortal and make his painting age instead of himself.

Soon after this Dorian meets Sybil Vane a working class actress who would become his fiancée. After being told of her so called Prince Charming Sybil's brother James is rather weary of Dorian despite not knowing who he is. Dorian and Sybil's relationship however doesn't last as Henry and Basil criticize Dorian believing him to only be in love with her for her looks. Dorian responds to their criticisms by dumping Sybil an act which winded up breaking her heart.

It is here that Dorian discovers the curse upon his painting, with him realizing that whenever he commits an evil action his portrait becomes more repulsive and disgusting.

Upon this discovery Dorian calls upon Basil the man who painted his portrait who is horrified to discover the curse and attempts to convince Dorian to get rid of the painting. Dorian however blames the curse on Basil and brutally murders him. Dorian then appears to lose control over himself and commits a great deal of crimes across the country.

After this Dorian goes into denial and tries to get over his guilt for these crimes when he winds up running into James Vane who informs Dorian of his attempts to find him and Sybil's suicide devastated by the news Dorian attempts to apologise but is only met with hostility from James who is later taken away after he attacked Dorian.

James begins stalking Dorian and winds up getting himself killed due to a misunderstanding with a hunter.

Dorian attempts to move on by locking his painting away and even finds a new love interest called Hetty Merton one of who's heart he will not break however the void left from Sybil's suicide is too much for him to handle prompting Dorian to have suicidal thoughts, his desire to remove all traces of his illegal activities also contributed to this.

Due to all of the above Dorian decided to kill himself by stabbing his portrait, during this he let out a loud cry of pain that the whole street could hear. Upon hearing this several of his house servants rushed to the scene only to find an old, ugly and decrepit man on the floor of whom they recognised as their master due to his clothing. Dorian's painting was also restored to its original beauty as the curse was now removed from it.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


In the famous graphic novel series Dorian has a very minor role with him being nowhere to be seen by the time the first comic takes place, however his portrait is seen hanging in the secret annex of the league's headquarters which would mean that he is still alive but not an active member of the league.


Main article: Dorian Gray (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

In the loose film adaptation Dorian has a much more significant role with him appearing as the secondary antagonist as opposed to Hawley Griffin. He is killed off in the movie by being shown his portrait by Mina Murray after he betrayed the league.


Dorian Gray is an extreme example of a narcissist, he appears to be legitimately in love with himself and his ego is only inflated as the novel progresses. Dorian then suffers from gerascophobia which prompts him to make the deal to maintain his young age and good looks.

However Dorian does have a good side which he eventually develops again towards the end of the novel. Dorian is also rather sensitive when it comes to women as he felt responsible and deeply remorseful and regretful for Sybil's death which would eventually lead to his great depression, in order to fill the void left by Sybil Dorian finds a new fiancée of whom he is very loving and protective over.

By the end of the book Dorian is overcome with guilt and depression.


  • Dorian's evolution from good to evil has been part of the dynasty of supervillains. He is also one of the pioneers of supervillains alongside Professor Moriarty, Mr. Hyde.