Dorian Gray is the titular protagonist villain of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. He is a young heir who wish to become immortal while his portrait made by a friend, will age instead. Also, when he does something evil, his painting gets uglier. In the end he guiltily stabs his painting but kills himself in the process.

Dorian's evolution from good to evil has been part of the dynasty of supervillains.  He is also one of the pioneers of supervillains alongside Professor Moriarty, Mr. Hyde.

His tragic story starts from his deal with the devil to give him eternal youth that sparked his greed and ignorance, until to the part his own fiancée committed   suicide and for he too kill himself too. Dorian got rid of his curse by stabbing his grotesque portrait. After that the portrait returned to its normal and beautiful creation and for Dorian's face to be returned to its original and true age. In the movie The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Dorian was the one who betrays the league, instead of Hawley Griffin being the original traitor in the comics. In the movie he died when Mina Harker showed him his grotesque painting, where the paintings grotesque appearance transfered on to him.