Dorbickmon is an antagonist and one of the evil Dark Generals in the second season of the anime Digimon Fusion. He is the first Dark General that Mikey, Christopher, and Nene faced. He is also known as the Fire-Fury.


Dorbickmon is an unknown level Digimon that resembles a crimson red humanoid dragon with horns.

Digimon Fusion

Dorbickmon first appeared in his Darkness Mode form while battling Kihira and his Blue Flare Army. After OmniShoutmon destroyed Dorbickmon's minions, Dorbickmon appeared and easily defeated OmniShoutmon. He kidnapped Shoutmon's friends and locked them in a cage. After Shoutmon rescued his friends and attempted to escape, Dorbickmon absorbed his minions and became an even more powerful Darkness Mode form. At this form, Dorbickmon gains wings, and a tail. He easily defeated Shoutmon X5B and overpowered MetalGreymon, attempting to kill him. Then MetalGreymon became ZeekGreymon and destroyed Dorbickmon. As Dorbickmon lay dying, he mocks the heroes by claiming that they will never defeat the other Death General. Dorbickmon retuned as a soulless Digimon along with the rest of the soulless Death General, and will form together to become the ultimate Death General, called GrandGeneramon.

Minions of Dorbickmon's Army


  • Tyrant Collbrande
  • Burning the Dragon
  • Dragon Breath Tonic Fire

Dorbickmon's other forms

Dorbickmon has two forms when absorbing his minions.

  • Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (1st form)
  • Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (2nd form)
  • Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (3rd form)
  • Dorbickmon
  • Dorbickmon Darkness Mode
  • Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Flarerizamon)
  • Dorbickmon Darkness Mode (Dragon Army)
  • GrandGeneramon
  • GrandGeneramon (incomplete)