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Private Joker: "Any women or children?"
Door Gunner: "Sometimes!"
Private Joker: "How can you shoot women or children?"
Door Gunner: "Easy! Ya just don't lead 'em so much! Ain't war hell?"

Door Gunner was a character in Full Metal Jacket and like many of the Marines depicted in the film had become extremely desensitized due to the brutality of warfare and a mentality that soldiers should become little more than mindless killers.

Door Gunner embodied in many ways the horrors of war, especially the kind seen during the infamous Vietnam conflict, with the psychotic soldier taking extreme pride in gunning down civilians - even women and children.

Joker is alarmed at Door Gunner's lack of compassion but begins to see that it is a trait shown in many of the Marines - such as the nihilistic M60 machine gunner known as Sergeant "Animal Mother".

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