The Doom Raiders are a group of strong villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. The founder and leader of the group is the Golden Queen, who aims to recruit powerful evil creatures to her cause in order to spread total mayhem. The Doom Raiders terrorized Skylands to the point nowhere was safe, until the Trap Team defeated them and locked them away in Cloudcracker Prison.

However, Kaos freed the Doom Raiders from the prison in hopes of becoming their new leader and putting his latest plan in ruling Skylands into motion. To his surprise, the group of villains already had other plans for world domination and were more willing to follow their original leader, the Golden Queen.




Battle & Capture Quotes

Soda, I MUST HAVE SODA! (Drinks a vat and grows bigger) See? That's why I must have soda!
~ The Gulper
Stay back, swirly thing! (Gulper's trident flies into the portal) Hey! My trident! I just wanted to drink SODA! (Flies into the portal and becomes trapped) What? HELLO! Can anyone hear Gulper? And if so, can you bring Gulper some soda? (Male Announcer: The Gulper, trapped.) Gulper have to be nice now. Kinda strange, but Gulper get use to it.
~ The Gulper trapped
It is I: The Chompy Mage! And you are still not a chompy, so I still don't like you! (Chompy Puppet: Let's Rock!)
~ The Chompy Mage
What have I done to deserve this? Oh yes, all that stuff I did! Who will look after the chompies...(Flies into the portal and becomes trapped) Where am I? It's very dark in here! And it kind of smells like mustard. (Male Announcer: Chompy Mage, trapped) I guess we should just accept this. Eh, Chompy Puppet? (Chompy Puppet: Just go with the flow man.)
~ Chompy Mage trapped
Mm, mm, mm. We meet again Skylander, hope you brought an appetite because tonight on the menu, we servin' you! Serve you as in cook you as a dinner. Not serve you as in serve the food to you. I can see how that would be confusing. Anyway, let's spice things up!
~ Chef Pepper Jack
Don't know where I'm going, but I hope they got good barbe-CUE! (Flies into the portal and becomes trapped)Well, well. Wonder what we got cooking in here? Something with mustard? Mm! (Male Announcer: Chef Pepper Jack, trapped.) I guess you're the portal chef now!
~ Chef Pepper Jack trapped
You're too late, Skyruiner! I've already learnt the secrets of Traptanium from these scientists dreams. But this whole hero thing is getting really tiresome so I think it's time I finally put an end to it.
~ Dreamcatcher
O...M...G! (Flies into a portal and becomes trapped) SO not cool, Portal Master. I don't know how you sleep at night... but I'll find out... (Male Announcer: Dreamcatcher, trapped) This won't be so bad... maybe good is the new evil.
~ Dreamcatcher trapped
Well hello there! My name is Dr. Krankcase, and you, you must the Skylanders I've heard so much about, yes? No really, I'm asking. Just wanna make sure I'm talking to the right guy here. Oh great great, alright! (Grabs out his goo gun) Well, let's do this then.
~ Dr. Krankcase
A vortex! I've really been trying to stay out of those things lately! (His hat flies into the portal) Oh that hat only had two weeks 'till retiremeeeennnnnttt....!! (Flies into a portal and becomes trapped) Captured?? Me?? That doesn't sound like something that would happen to me! Although that would explain the vortex. (Male Announcer: Dr. Krankcase, trapped.) Okay okay I see, do good stuff instead of bad stuff. Got it.
~ Dr. Krankcase trapped
Well, well, well. Look who's manage to attend to my big concert. Some ten thousand years into the future! You know, Skylander. We don't have to fight. Together, we could rule this place! There's no Kaos, no Doom Raiders, and you can get pizza here thirty seconds or less! Nah! Let's just fight instead!
~ Wolfgang
Get ready for the encore! (Flies into portal and becomes trapped) What?! What happened?! Oh well, the show must go on. (Male Announcer: Wolfgang trapped.) Guess I'll change my tune then.
~ Wolfgang trapped
Welcome, Skylander. Such a pleasure to meet you again. For the last time! You're going to make an even more precious golden trophy than your little friend did!
~ Golden Queen
Wait. I never got to make more demands. Here's one! Woah! (Flies into portal and becomes trapped) What?! How dare you put me in here! Although, I guess now that I think about it, it's kind of a taste of my own medicine. (Male Announcer: Golden Queen, trapped.) Me? Working on the side of good? I'd say strange things have happen, but I'm not sure they have.
~ Golden Queen trapped
Oh no! It's the Skylanders! They're here! Okay, okay, I give up. Fooled you! I was totally kidding right there, Skylosers! Anyway, you are too late! There is nothing you can do to stop me from capturing your miserable poser master. Nothing!
~ Kaos
What sorcery is THIS?! Ah! Hey! Knock it off, put me DOWN! You haven't seen the last of ME...!!! (Flies into portal and becomes trapped) Note to self: if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a swirling vortex of infinite power, RUN!! (Male Announcer: Kaos, trapped.) So, you want me to be good now, is that it? Eh? Do you have any idea what that would do to my reputation?
~ Kaos trapped
You are persistent, I'll give you that. But I'm afraid I am going to give you a little drubbing as well. Engage!
~ Nightshade
Oh, I guess I couldn't really elude capture forever. Well, it appears I'll be going away for a bit. I shall endure this capture sequence with dignittttyyyyyy.....!! (Flies into portal and becomes trapped) Ha! No jail can hold the great Nightshade! Well except this one, apparently. (Male Announcer: Nightshade, trapped.) "Well I suppose I could be persuaded to switch sides.
~ Nightshade trapped
The one you thought was Mags was none other than me: Luminous, evil overlord of the Light Element!
~ Luminous
I must head towards the light without fear. (Throws his helmet into the portal) Even in defeat, I shall shine like a STTAAAAARRRRRRR......!!! (Flies into portal and becomes trapped) Uh, how is this going to affect the status of my evil plan? I assume negatively, but I just thought I would check. (Male Announcer: Luminous, trapped.) I suppose I have seen the light.
~ Luminous trapped


  • Strangely, there is no Doom Raider for the Magic element
  • Kaos and the Chompy Mage were first seen in previous games before joining the other Doom Raiders in Trap Team.
  • The team's name may have been based off of the Tomb Raider video game series.
  • Unlike the other trappable villains, all Doom Raiders have an additional third attack.
    • Also, each Doom Raider has their own unique animation sequence when being captured. Unlike, the regular villains, who all have similar capture sequences.
  • Several of the Doom Raiders call out the name of their attacks as they perform them on the Skylanders.
  • They are the only set of villains in Trap Team who have backstories.
  • Luminous and Nightshade are the only Doom Raiders who are seen and fought only in Adventure Pack levels and not the main story.
    • Luminous is the only Doom Raider who does not have an appearance in any of the CGI cutscenes.
  • Despite being overthrown by the Golden Queen herself, Kaos is still identified as a Doom Raider by official sources. 
  • Gulper is the only Doom Raider you don't fight as a boss.
  • Dr. Crankcase and Gulper are the only two villains not to appear in Skylander's Academy. Although Gulper was mentioned one time in the show.