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(also spelled "Doombots" or "Doom Bots") are powerful and advanced robots built by the arch-villain known as Dr. Doom and are often made in his image, if they are not they are instead programmed to obey his word as law - with the famous "Doom's Word Is Law" phrase being heard often.

Dr. Doom created these robots for the specific task of acting as duplicates, bodyguards and enforcers of his will - depending on their role each Doom-Bot would be fitted with different weaponry and modifications, though many of them shared similiar qualities both in the comic book and in the cartoons that followed.

Doom-Bots, although loyal, have not been without error and a few Doom-Bots have rebelled against Dr. Doom either as heroes or villains: Dr. Doom has shown that some of his Doom-Bots have a self-destruct sequence inside themselves that he can activate (or force them to activate), should the need arise.

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