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Here's Donny! Yahhh!!
~ Donny breaking into the house.
Donny the Villain
Donny is a master of puns, and the would've-been friend of Cleveland Brown, should he be shunned from his regular friend circle. He was the main villain of the Hallowen special, "Nightmare on Grace Street".


In "How Cleveland Got His Groove Street," Donny was among Cleveland's new group of friends after he leaves Lester, Tim, and Holt when he is embarrassed by Lester striking him out.

He returns as the main antagonist of the Halloween special "Nightmare on Grace Street," where Cleveland repeatedly rejects him because of his bad joke telling. Finally, on Halloween, to prove he's brave to Rallo, Cleveland tells him to "get lost." Tired of getting rejected by Cleveland, Donny has a mental breakdown and tries to kill Cleveland by breaking into his house with an axe.

Unfortunately for him, when he gets to Cleveland's house, he learns that he isn't home. So until he gets back, Donny instead decides to settle for killing his wife, Donna, and his son, Cleveland Jr., chasing them around the house. Eventually, he somehow subdues them (despite occasional efforts they make to double-team him) and ties them up in Cleveland Jr.'s room. He then waits for Cleveland to come home, disguised as Donna.

When Cleveland and Rallo get home, he attacks them with his axe and almost kills Cleveland, but Rallo sprays fluid from Junior's WD-40 costume onto the floor, allowing him to push Donny out the window, killing him. His last words are "I hate black people!", something Cleveland had figured to be true about him. The family then sings The Black Eyed Pea's "I Gotta Feeling" to celebrate Cleveland and Rallo finally proving their bravery to Donna. As they sing, Gus takes away Donny's body in the trunk of his car to be made into his "turkey sandwiches."


  • Donny was voiced by Danny Smith, who played Ernie the Giant Chicken on Family Guy.
  • Donny was featured in two alternate-version parodies. In both of them, he got shot after making a bad joke. The first was "Die Semi-Hard," where he was shot dead for putting a small gift in a big box at a gift exchange. The next was in "Wide World of Cleveland Show," where, in the Italian version of the show, he was shot dead by Cleveland for making a bad pun at his party.
  • At the end of "Nightmare on Grace Street," Donny was last seen lying dead on the ground. Whether he's actually deceased or not is unknown, due to his alternate-version appearances in the parody episodes and the absence of his actual self in regular episodes. Because of these absences, however, he is more than likely presumed to be dead.
    • It should be noted again that his alternate versions also died in the parodies.


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