The Dongolao is a minor antagonist of the Dragon Hunters episode The Strange Taste of Cocomak. It is a flying dragon consisting almost entirely out of fire, therefore igniting everything close to him.


At some point, the Dragon hunters are employed to defeat the Dongolao. Unable to defeat the beast on the ground, the Dragon Hunters set a trap for the flaming dragon mid-air. With Hector once more acting as bait, they dangle him from their gyrocopter to lure in the Dongolao. The dragon arrives, igniting the smaller islands in his path. Lian Chu then uses his grappling hook to topple over a nearby island, emptying the islands lake onto the Dongolao. The dragon is extinguished at once, with only an ashen skeleton remaining. The skeleton soon explodes, creating an ash wave that covers everything nearby.

However, the ash wave covers the village of the people who employed the Dragon Hunters. Furious, the villagers attack the Dragon Hunters and drive them out of their village. Forced to abandon their gyrocopter at the village, the Dragon Hunters eventually run over a bridge onto a nearby island, unaware that the villagers are not following them because the island is the home of a dragon.