Dong Myung-Soo is the main antagonist of 2013 South Korean action-spy-thriller

Dong Myung-soo

film The Berlin File. He is the son of a North Korean official and also an assassin who came to Berlin to kill a traitor - Yeon Jung-hee who was wife of agent Pyo Joon-sang.he played by Ryu Seung-bum who was younger brother of film's director Ryu Seung-wan


Myung-soo was sadistic and cruel man who killed many people with poisoned pen or gun and become rouge agent to North Korea along with his father who is higher ranked officer and know Pyo Joon-sang since their training days in North Korea. Myung-soo seems bullied Joon-sang as junior

He seems lust on Jung-hee despite for begin Joon-sang's wife

driven by Jung-hee's death angry Joon-sang put poison on Myung-soo's neck and caused him dead