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Dr. Donald Tannor is a villain in the DC animated TV series The Zeta Project.


Dr. Tannor is a famous but mediocre scientist. However it turns out that he had been stealing other people's inventions and taking the credit for them.

He made the mistake of trying to steal the inductance controller from a child genius named Bucky. Bucky however was able to use the controller to control Zeta to make Donald confess to a crowd. After he does all his credibility os from then on destroyed.

He later opens up a spa for elderly people. He promised all of them that he would make them all younger again using his special machine.After his machine turns the people into devolved man-apes he tries to get Bucky's parents to help but they fail and only they were transformed into babies.

He then tries to get Bucky himself to help by holding his parents hostage. Bucky along with Zeta and Ro came but they were captured by Donald. He made Bucky fix his machine while scheming his attempts to destoy Zeta himself. Zeta is able to escape and stop the machine and then stops Donald from killing Bucky. Donald is able to escape on a bus although it is accidently filled with children.