A person's faith can determine the outcome of their lives, as in the scripture of James 1:3; You know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Or it is just chaos?
~ Donald

Donald McArthur also known as Father Donald or The Father is the current main antagonist of the horror videogame Rides With Strangers and an unseen antagonist in Welcome To The Game.


In the past, Donald was forsaken by his mother and raised by a group of priests, it is revealed that he was molested by said priests. As an adult, he himself became a priest and took advantage of his job to rape, torture and kill young boys. He also mentions that sometimes he feels an "itch" (to molest children) and tries to escape from it but fails. In an attempt to control the "itch", he is determined to murder people he considers to be "heretics", the man screaming in the trunk of his car for example. He introduces himself to Elora as a kind and faithful man but later comments on how dangerous it is for a "precious" girl like her to hitchhike and depending on the player's answer, he will say that God has sent Elora to him for a reason. He also believes that nothing bad will happen to him because God is supposedly protecting him. If the player fails to respond to him correctly, Elora will be killed by Donald. When Elora reaches her destination, he will speak in a deep voice on how good it would be if they had more time together, implying that Donald was planning to kill Elora in one way or another. After Elora successfully escapes from him, it is most likely that he returned to his usual role of murdering heretics. In Welcome To The Game, it is revealed that Donald owns a site on the Deep Web, where he preaches his religious fanatism and encourages the murder of heretics. Donald's presence on the Deep Web is referenced by The Gatekeeper, who asks the question "What is the name of the pastor that wants to purge the world of heretics?".