Dona Terezinha (Mrs. Terezinha) is a recurring villainess in the comedy sketches from the Brazilian talk-show The Noite. She is an old woman and drug dealer, constantly shown committing various crimes and trash-talking. She was portrayed by Terezinha Cavalcante.


Murilo Couto's Acting Class

Dona Terezinha appears as one of Murilo Couto's students on his acting class. She was constantly shown carrying knives an firearms, sometimes threatening to kill people who displeased her. She would also often receive packages full of cocaine.

In the final episode, Murilo gets jealous of his students and sells Dona Terezinha to the police, who prepares a trap on her wedding day which ends with her apparently killed in a car explosion. At the end of the episode she is shown to be still alive, having escaped the explosion.

Diário de um Detento Do Barulho (A Wacky Inmate's Diary)

In the first episode, Murilo drives Dona Terezinha to a bank, smoking a marijuana cigar while she robs the bank. A passerby calls the police upon seeing Murilo smoking, ending with both of them arrested. While Murilo is interrogated, the policemen reveals to him that Dona Terezinha is actually a man, being none other than Pablo Escobar himself.

While imprisoned, Dona Terezinha kills a neo-nazi with a tricot nail and receives a cake filled with drugs from her wife for her to sell inside the prison. In the final episode she escapes from the prison and runs away to Colombia.


Murilo decides to create a musical show based on his own life, so he calls his old friends to participate on it, including Dona Terezinha. Terezinha had broken up with her wife, whom she ends killing on the second episode, and is shown to be still running her drug dealing business. In the third episode Murilo invites the members of the Brazilian band Fat Family to teach them singing, but due to them all being really bad at singing the band members begin to prank them by giving them various chores, including ordering Terezinha to bake them a cake, which she retaliates by killing the guy who ordered her (though he later resurrects after one of Murilo's crew shows he could sing really well).

On the final episode, Terezinha is tasked with selling all entrances to the show's premiére, though she is shown on a drug orgy with other women. Though all entrances were sold, only a single person appeared to watch, and after the show is over the police breaks up in the place in search of Dona Terezinha, revealing she used the show to launder money from her drug trafficking business. While Murilo and his crew are all arrested, Terezinha escapes once again.


Homenagem a dona Terezinha The Noite (19 12 17)

Homenagem a dona Terezinha The Noite (19 12 17)