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Sorry dollface, business is business. Adios.
~ Don Weaso before disposing of Berri

Don Weaso is the hidden tertiary antagonist of the video game Conker's Bad Fur Day. He is the don of the Weasel Mafia (an obvious parody of real-life mafias). 

In the Game

The player first meets him after Conker steals some money from a rock monster disco party. Don Weaso is seen talking to some of his weasel henchmen about respect. One of the weasels has shown him no respect (one of them being a weasel named Paulie). Don Weaso comes up behind paulie and beats him to death with a bat. After meeting Conker, Weaso is revealed to have Conker's girlfriend, Berry. Weaso takes Conker out of the room and tells him that the cavemen are a threat to his kind, and asks Conker to blow up the entire caveman population with a bomb. Conker suceeds in doing so and Weaso is no longer seen until the near end of the game.

Don Weaso appears in the final level, where he asks Conker to steal a bunch of money for him from a safe. Conker attempts to do just that, (in a level that parodies the bank robbing scene in The Matrix). However, the heist turns out to be a trap set up by The Panther King in order to capture Conker. Don Weaso appears from from behind the Kings throne weilding a tommy gun. He is revealed to be working for the Panther King for money. Under orders, Don Weaso shoots and kills Berry, and, having earned his pay, safely flees the scene.

His fate remains unknown, but he most likely went back to leading the Weasel Mafia. Either that or he got sucked out into space along with everything else in the room (minus Conker and Heinrich).

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