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Don Salluste is the main character of the 1971 French comedy film Delusions of Grandeur/La Folie des Grandeurs. He is a very greedy tax collector who tries to retrieve his job with the help of Blaze his valet.

He is played by French actor Louis De Funès, who also played Victor Garnier.

Diabolical scheme

Seeking revenge on the Spain Queen for his exile, Salluste make believe the king he was cuckold by Don Cesar aka Blaze to push the king to repudiate the queen (because she was in love with Blaze) Unfortunately, Salluste's plan fails and he is arrested along with Blaze (he refused to marry Dona Juana, the queen's advisor) but his valet escapes after Dona Juana retrives Blaze, much to Saluste's Delight...



  • His name comes from that of the character of the same name in the 1838 French tragic drama play "Ruy Blas".