Don Morello

Don Morello is a major antagonist in the videogame Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Morello (first name unknown) was the former capo of the now disbanded Peppone Crime Family, alongside his best friend Ennio Salieri. After Don Peppone died during a failed deal, Morello and Salieri blamed each other and started their own families. He had more success than Salieri on the underworld, but his greed and pride eventually led to his downfall.


Morello was born on December 31, 1877, in either Lost Heaven or Sicily. At some point, Morello became a close friend of Don Salieri and both served as Don Peppone's two most trusted caporegimes. However, in 1921, Don Peppone was killed in a deal gone awry and Morello and Salieri blamed each other for the death of the Don. They decided to split Lost Heaven into two sections: while Morello operated in the East Side of Lost Heaven, Salieri operated in Little Italy.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Morello eventually became the most powerful mobster in the city, greatly helped by his brother Sergio Morello Jr. and his connection to the city's councilor. He broke the truce he had with Salieri by expanding on Salieri's territory and thus, causing a bloody gang war between the two families. After Tommy Angelo killed Sergio on orders from Salieri, Morello's situation started to go to hell, with him destroying almost everything he owned with his overly brutal ways.


Morello's deathscene

Morello's plane falls and explodes in the jungle.

Morello's mob was eventually overwhelmed by Salieri's, and three hitmen: Sam, Tommy and Paulie were sent to assassinate him during the Othello opera play. The play ended earlier than expected, and Morello escaped the house in his bulletproof car and attempted to escape by plane and skip town. The three hitmen then chased him and eventually shot down his plane, killing him.