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Don Jon the Flame Lord

Don Jon the Flame Lord

Don Jon The Flame Lord
is a contestant in the Wizard Battle who first appears in the episode "Wizard Battle." When Abracadaniel is explaining that opposite wizards would fight each other, Flame Lord is seen squaring off against Ice King. However, Ice King cheats by knocking him out with nunchucks.

He later makes a cameo in "Wizards Only, Fools" as the Wizard Police chase after Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum.

In "The Red Throne," he helps Flame King overthrow Flame Princess in return for her hand in marriage. When Flame Princess refuses, however, Flame Lord feels cheated and has a fistfight with Flame King. During this fight, Cinnamon Bun frees Finn and Flame Princess from their prison and has Flame King returned to his lantern together with the Flame Lord.

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