Don Estaban

Don Estaban, the first Ganado Villager encountered

Qu carajo haces aqu? Largate, cabron! (What the hell are you doing here? Get out of here!)
~ Don Estaban when encountering Leon S. Kennedy

Don Estaban is a minor villain in Resident Evil 4 who also serves as the first Ganado and Villager encountered and fought in the entire game.

Upon seeing Leon S. Kennedy, Don is furious and shouts at the agent for intrusion when his asked if his seen Ashley Graham, Leon then prepares to leave the House and apologizes for bothering him. When his back is turned, Estaban attempts to kill him with an Axe which Leon dodges and orders him to freeze. Ignoring the order, Estaban continued walking up to Leon but the agent quickly shot and killed him in self defense. After Estaban's death, Villagers began surrounding the House and the two Spanish Cops were killed.