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Don Corneo is a villain who appears in Final Fantasy VII, he is based somewhat loosely on a mafia-style gangster of old with a heavy dose of extravagant villain added to the flair - when first encountered he was already known for his habit of selecting beautiful women in order to please himself (those he did not like he allowed his henchmen to have instead): he was also involved in the suppression of the rebels fighting against Shinra.

After he reveals Shinra's plan to destroy Sector 7 (due to interregation), Don Corneo flees Midgar to Wutai with the Turks in hot pursuit. He manages to hide until his lust drives him to kidnap Elena (of the Turks) and Yuffie, taking them to the statue of the god Da Chao, where he ponders who he most desires. He is stopped once again by the player party and Reno. While the conversation proceeds, Rude shoots Don, who hangs on, but Reno steps on the Don's fingers, losing his grip and he plummets off Da Chao, presumably to his death.

Don Corneo also had a large collection of "pet" monsters which he kept in the sewers directly under his mansion - which he proceeds to drop the group into using a trapdoor after their first encounter: amongst the many "pets" Don Corneo has is the boss known as Aps.