Holy Clawleone!
~ Don Clawleone, when surprised

John Claud Lonely, also known as Don Clawleone and The Plobfather, is the leader of the group of Platypunks called the Plob and the main antagonist of Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. He is a tough-looking Platypunk with a patched eye and a fedora that lives in the Flying Clawtress. He kidnapped Princess Gluttonella among other slimes from Boingsburg. During an excavation in Flucifer's Necropolis he found a flute that he carefully guards for reasons unknown.

When Rocket comes face-to-face with him and defeats him near the end of the game, it is revealed that Flucifer's flute was for summoning an ancient demon known as Flucifer but he didn't want to summon it and the flute was just a present for his girlfriend. Still when Princess Gluttonella plays it just to practice, he gets scared and Flucifer is summoned.


  • Most of his mobster titles are refererences of other works of fiction titles like the Plobfather to the Godfather, etc.