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It was fun beating the living hell out of you, but I have errands to run. So I must bid you, adieu.
~ Domonic before killing Ronald McDonald

Domonic Miller, or "Mal" as he was referred to, grew up in orange county with two brothers, Jeff and Shade. As well as his father,.

At the age of 17, Domonic was tortured by a mafia thug by the name of Alfonso Bodalla. Domonic lost his mind and grabbed Al's crowbar and stabbed it through the fat bugger's hard arteried heart. Completely insane and changed, Domonic drastically changed his appearance. He made a living selling rocks in boxes posing as video game systems as well as tracking down anyone that works for the Bodalla Cre family. But one day, Domonic found someone that could keep him under control, the orphaned daughter of Alfonso Bodalla. Domonic felt a true emotion for the first time in eight f**ing years!


Domonic can easily be identified by his jet black hair flopped over his left eye, and a scar under his right eye. He wears a black sweater and grey sweatpants with black shoes.

Means of fighting

Domonic fights swiftly, brutally and dirty. He often ridicules his opponents even saying a joke before he ends their life.

Domonic can and will use his own disadvantages to his own advantage. He will beg for mercy like a lowly worm, and when they least expect it, he slits their throat. Domonic is an opportunist, and will use his environment to his advantage. Objects he'll use as weapons include sharp sticks, crowbars, rebar, stones, broken glass, etc.