Dolge Orlick is an antagonist in the 1861 Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, as well as its stage, film, and television adaptations.

He was portrayed by Jack Roth in the 2011 miniseries.

In the novel

Orlick was portrayed as a sadistic blacksmith's assistant who especially hated Pip Pirrip and his sister Mrs. Joe, who was his boss Joe Gargery's wife. While Joe and Pip went to Miss Havisham's mansion to sign Pip for a blacksmith apprenticeship, Mrs. Joe was attacked by Orlick after an argument. Orlick is suspected but ruled out as a suspect. The only bit of affection Orlick had was towards Pip's friend Biddy, whom he was supposedly in love with. Orlick lost his job with Joe and managed to find a job as the gatekeeper at Miss Havisham's mansion.

Pip later explained to Miss Havisham that Orlick is untrustworthy, and he is fired. Orlick wanted revenge against Pip, who was now a rich gentleman in London because of a mysterious benefactor. Orlick went to London and confided in a rich man named Compeyson (who was once a prisoner and swindled Miss Havisham out of money years ago). Orlick wrote an anonymous note to Pip to return to Kent. Pip arrived at the building, and Orlick attacked him and tied him to a ladder. Orlick played with his mind, saying that he was the one who attacked Mrs. Joe (who died of her injuries years after the attack). As Orlick was about to kill Pip, Herbert Pocket helped Pip and Orlick escaped. Orlick was later arrested.