Dolf Crowley, also known as Dolf and the Doom Lord, was the main antagonist of the videogame Vandal Hearts, He is the son of Arris the Sage, and a Doom Lord/Dark Angel.

Dolf Crowley posed as an ally of the Security Defense Forces and sent Ash Lambart and his team to Gilbaris Island to investigate the disappearance of General Magnus Dunbar. When Ash and his team found Magnus, Kane Spites locked Magnus, Eleni, and Huxley up. Ash and his team broke the three of them out the following night.

Outside of the prison the team was met by Hel Spites, and Dolf. Dolf always knew what the team was up to because he sent Kira Wulfstan into Ash's party as a spy. The duo already had the stone that Magnus came to retrieve, and during a battle between Dark Magnus and Dolf, a ripple in the space-time fabric is created, it pulls Magnus, Ash, Sarah and Grog through.

With the help of the Great Mage, Zohar, Ash, Sarah, and Grog escaped (Magnus died). Once Ash re-united with his entire party, they sought out to stop Hel, who during Ash's absence, took control of Istaria. However, Dolf assassinates Hel, having what he needs.Dolf DoomLord.png

From then on, Dolf hides behind the scenes, having his wizard, Xeno act on his behalf. The duo tricks Ash into giving them the Flames of Judgement, by trying to kill Kira. Ash gives Xeno the Flames, believing Kira should not die. The team saves her, and heads out to stop Dolf, who plans on destroying the world.

Ash and his team eventually catches up to Dolf in Capital Shumeria. Ash tries to sympathize with Dolf and talk sense into him, Dolf refuses. He reveals that Arris the Sage was his father, and after all Arris did for Istaria, the country still allowed itself to collapse. Dolf just wants to destroy everything, saying that he is just speeding up what is already happening.

Ash and his team fight Dolf, and after they weaken him, he summons the powers from the Flames of Judgement to turn him into his new form, the Dark Angel. Dolf has massive powers that affect the whole team, Regardless, the team beats the Dark Angel. While Dolf is wounded (and possibly dying) Ash tries to tell Dolf to give up, and that it is not to late for Dolf to use his powers to help the country. Dolf refuses, using the last of the Flames of Judgement to swallow his being. The Flames begin to spread, threatening to destroy everything.

Ash, to the dismay of his teammates, throws himself into the Flames, holding Vandal Heart, which evaporates the Flames, while Ash is no where to be found.