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Gooby pls
~ Dolan's catchphrase
Dolan also known as Uncle Dolan is the titular character of the meme and webcomics of the same name. He is a Finnish direct parody of the Disney character, Donald Duck, albeit very poorly-drawn. He is often seen with a demented grin.


Although the webcomics vary in content, they usually portray Dolan as a psychotic killer, sex addict, or some sort of malevolent force whose only real purpose is to bring harm upon others, including "Gooby" (a parody of Goofy). He is often seen killing, raping, torturing, or begging people into committing horrific acts (usually by saying "pls"). He usually finishes his acts by saying "everything went better with x. Regards, uncle Dolan"

Skills and Abilities

Dolan is shown to have regeneration abilities, as Gooby chops of his penis with an axe, he grows a new, longer one, and the old one turns into another Dolan. He is also show to be a great trickster, being able to morph into objects (such as a magic lamp) to get sexual favors from Gooby. Also, he is able to travel back in time, as shown in the comic where he gives Gooby a gold star and takes him back to a concentration camp, where Dolan is a Nazi.


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