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fak u
~ One of Dolan's most famous quotes

gooby pls
~ Dolan's catchphrase

Dolan also known as Uncle Dolan is the titular character of the meme and webcomics of the same name. He is a Finnish direct parody of the Disney character, Donald Duck, albeit very poorly-drawn. He is often seen with a demented grin.


Although the webcomics vary in content, they usually portray Dolan as a psychotic killer, sex addict, or some sort of malevolent force whose only real purpose is to bring harm upon others, including "Gooby" (a parody of Goofy) and his nephews "Hupu", "Tupu", and "Lupu" (parodies of Huey, Duey and Luey). He is often seen killing, raping, torturing, or begging people into committing horrific acts (usually by saying "pls"). He often finishes his acts by saying "everything went better with x. Regards, uncle Dolan". Other malevolent acts include stealing or vandalizing his victim's property (or tricking others into doing so), feeding his victims food or drink that has been contaminated with his semen or bodily waste (or containing the body parts of his victim's and Dolan's murdered friends) as well as grave robbery, cannibalism, necrophilia, genocide or terrorism, to name a few. The responses his victims typically give are the phrases "Y U do dis Dolan?" (usually accompanied by the victim sobbing) and "Fak u Dolan" or a combination of the two.

On very rare occasions, Dolan is seen helping his intended victim, but almost invariably this is in an extremely twisted and perverted way, such as on one sketch when Gooby, while celebrating his birthday in a restaurant, objects to being seated next to Dafty Duk (a parody of Daffy Duck). This prompts Dolan to kill Dafty with an axe and decorate him with candles, presenting him to Gooby and wishing him a happy birthday.

Skills and Abilities

Dolan is a master manipulator and trickster, showing an ability to deceive and trick his victims into performing acts which any rational person would normally avoid out of hand or at least treat with suspicion. The victim of this trickery is usually Gooby (who has shown a complete lack of common sense despite the horrific acts Dolan inflicts upon him repeatedly) and is usually prompted by the phrase "Gooby plz". He is usually able to persuade law enforcement (on the rare occasions his crimes are exposed) that there is nothing untoward in his conduct, even if he is literally caught with the body (or parts of the body) of his victims.

Dolan is shown to have regeneration abilities, as Gooby chops of his penis with a knife, he grows a new, longer one, and the old one turns into another Dolan. He is also show to be a great master of disguise and shapeshifter, being able to morph into objects (such as a magic lamp) to get sexual favors from Gooby, or hiding in a toilet for similar reasons. Often after shedding his disguise and revealing himself to his victim(s), he will utter the phrase "Is actually Dolan". Dolan is also able to travel back in time, as shown in the comic where he gives Gooby a gold star and takes him back to a concentration camp, where Dolan is a Nazi. Other abilities include increasing his size to gigantic proportions, and skills with use of specialized machinery.

Although Dolan has been shown using, and being skilled with, a variety of weapons (guns, knives, explosives, poison, etc) his trademark in many of his cartoons is to use an axe to dismember or decapitate his victims, while giving a sinister deranged grin with crazed eyes as he swings it above his head, in a manner bearing strong resemblance to the facial expression of the character of Jack Torrance from The Shining.



  • Dolan originated as a Finnish internet meme. Ironically Finland initially banned Disney's Donald Duck character, of whom Dolan is a parody, because he does not wear pants.